I Bought ₹15000 Used iPad 9th Gen! – Make Sense in 2024?

In this video, I buy the iPad 9th Gen for ₹15,000.

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Hey #techbararmy
In this video, I buy the iPad 9th Gen for ₹15,000. This includes an overview of the iPad’s design, display, battery, software, performance, camera and comparison with the Realme Pad 2 and Xiaomi Pad 6.

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00:00 Buying the iPad 9th Gen
01:08 Design & Accessories
03:56 Display
05:19 Performance
07:15 Software
09:20 Battery
09:42 Camera
10:01 Conclusion

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Director: Ayush Pathak
Cinematographer: Kashish, Praveenkar ,Vishal,Manas
Editing: Ayush, Praveen & Jatin
Content: Parth Monish Kohli

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqaOVBWeesQ

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