Build a Full-Stack File Sharing App with Next.js 13: React.js, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, Clerk

Dive into the world of Full-Stack development with our comprehensive tutorial! Join us in building a dynamic File Sharing App using the latest technologies: Next.js 13, React.js, Tailwind CSS, Firebase integration, and Clerk authentication in this complete course.

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React Email :

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Course Overview:
In this extensive guide, we’ll walk you through every step of creating a robust File Sharing App. From laying the groundwork with React.js and Next.js 13 to crafting a polished interface with Tailwind CSS, integrating Firebase for database and storage, and implementing secure authentication via Clerk, this course covers it all.

️ What You’ll Master:

Setting Up Next.js 13 and React.js: Start your project on the right foot.
Styling with Tailwind CSS: Design an engaging and responsive user interface effortlessly.
Firebase Integration: Leverage powerful database and storage functionalities seamlessly.
Clerk Authentication: Ensure top-notch security with user authentication.
Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned developer, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of Full-Stack app development. Follow along, and by the end, you’ll have the skills and confidence to craft your own innovative File Sharing applications.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:13 Workflow
00:10:03 Create Next Js App & Run
00:18:23 Landing Page
00:36:31 Folder & Route Explain
00:43:25 Authetication
00:55:37 SideNav+Header
01:14:12 Upload Page UI
01:40:07 Firebase Config
01:43:56 File Upload With Storage
01:58:32 Progress Bar
02:07:55 Save Data in Firestore
02:25:30 File Preview
02:45:48 Send Email
03:04:45 Shared File View
03:19:37 Quick Fix


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