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In this React Interview Questions and Answers you will learn the latest and top questions asked by companies for React interview. This ReactJS Interview Questions & Answers video covers all kinds of questions starting from basic to advanced questions so that you can get benefited. We can assure you that if you watch this React interview preparation video completely you can crack any React job interview easily.
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Following questions are covered in this video:
00:00 – React Interview Questions
01:12 – Differentiate Between Virtual DOM and Real DOM
03:10 – What is React?
04:32 – What is the meaning of Virtual DOM?
05:51 – What are some of the important features of React?
07:24 – What is the meaning of JSX?
08:41 – Can browser read a JSX File?
09:53 – Why is React widely used today?
11:48 – Are there any Disadvantages to using react?
13:32 – Differentiate between Angular and React
14:44 – What is the meaning of the component based architecture of react?
15:56 – How does rendering work in React?
16:55 – What are states in React?
18:37 – What is the use of an arrow function in React?
19:47 – What is a higher-order component in React?
20:56 – What us the meaning of create-react-app in React?
21:52 – What are some of the advantages of using create-react-app n React?
23:00 – What is the meaning of Redux?
24:19 – What is the difference between props and states?
25:21 – What are the three phases of a component life cycle in React?
26:48 – What are events in React?
27:47 – How are events created in React?
28:45 – How is routing in React different from conventional routing?
30:25 – Differentiate between Flux and Redux in React
32:00 – Can AJAX be used with React?
33:06 – What is the meaning of synthetic events in React?
34:05 – What are stateful components in React?
34:57 – What are refs in React?
36:04 – What are Controlled Components in React?
37:02 – Why is a router required in React?
38:11 – What are the components of Redux in React?
39:12 – What are the advantages of using Redux?
40:37 – What are the disadvantages of using MVC in React?
41:58 – What are pure components in React?
43:04 – What are higher-order components (HOCs) used for?
44:02 – What are keys in React?
45:06 – Differentiate between a controlled components and an uncontrolled components in React
46:05 – How can you tell React to build in the production mode?
47:40 – What is the use of the second argument that is passed to set state? is it optional?
49:33 – What is the Strict Mode component used in React?
50:25 – What would you do if your React application is rendering slowly?
51:50 – What would you do if react application is rendering slowly?
54:26 – What are the predefined prop types presentin React?
55:13 – What is React Fiber?
56:02 – What are Hooks in React?

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Why should you learn React.JS?

React is a JavaScript library that specializes in helping developers build user interfaces, or UIs. React on its own is a very functional, modular way to create expressive UI, and with its single responsibility mentality, it can be integrated with other systems as well as utilize its own ecosystem to develop full single page and multi page apps.

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