Build Your Own Auto-GPT Apps with LangChain (Python Tutorial)

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This video is an introduction to the Python LangChain library. LangChain is a framework for developing applications powered by language models like OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. I will go over all the modules, provide examples, explain the quick start guide, and then show a demo of an intelligent assistant that can answer questions about any specific YouTube video. You can use LangChain to build your own intelligent systems, similar to Auto-GPT and BabyAGI. I believe there is an amazing opportunity right now for data scientists and AI engineers to become a front-runner using these tools.


️ Copy my VS Code Setup

⏱️ Timestamps
00:00 Introduction
00:26 What is LangChain
01:19 Job opportunities
02:55 LangChain’s Modules
03:47 Models
05:37 Prompts
06:43 Memory
08:21 Indexes
08:58 Chains
11:06 Agents
14:32 Use Case: YouTube Video Assistant
27:45 Why I am all in on this
28:15 What is Data Freelancer?

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