Linux Server Course – System Configuration and Operation

Linux has long been a favorite operating system for server administration because it’s a secure open-source O.S. that’s able to be both stable and flexible.

This course will teach you how to configure servers running the Linux operating system, including the boot process, kernel modules, network connection parameters, and localization groups.

Follow along with CBT Nuggets’ trainer Shawn Powers as he details every part of configuring, monitoring and supporting a server set-up that runs the Linux operating system.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
(0:00:00) Introduction
(0:00:34) Explain Linux Kernel and Boot Concepts
(0:37:20) Configure and Verify Network Connections
(1:17:13) Manage Storage in a Linux Environment
(2:12:18) Install, Update, and Configure Software
(2:32:40) Manage Users and Groups
(3:02:32) Create, Modify, and Redirect Files
(3:51:20) Manage Local Services
(4:16:40) Summarize and Explain Server Roles
(4:49:50) Automate and Schedule Jobs
(5:06:30) Explain and Use Linux Devices

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