Ubuntu Complete Beginners Guide (Full Course in one video!)

Want to give Ubuntu a try on your laptop or desktop? Overwhelmed, not knowing where to start? This tutorial is intended for those of you that are looking for a resource for helping you get started using Ubuntu on your laptop or desktop. You’ll learn how to install Ubuntu, set up a dual-boot with Windows, how to navigate the desktop, and more!

— Individual Sections —:
00:02:49 – Section 1: Creating boot media
00:10:20 – Section 2: Testing compatibility with your computer
00:16:35 – Section 3: Replacing your current OS with Ubuntu
00:25:33 – Section 4: Dual-booting Ubuntu with Windows 10
00:39:24 – Section 5: Installing Drivers & Updates
00:43:45 – Section 6: User interface overview
01:00:13 – Section 7: Installing software

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