Python Tutorial – Python Full Course for Beginners in Tamil

Python tutorial – Python full course for beginners in Tamil
Master Python Programming in Just 10 Hours! Join this comprehensive tutorial where I guide you through the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Python. From variables and data types to functions, classes, and libraries, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to code like a pro. Get ready for an immersive learning experience and unlock the full potential of Python!

Table of Contents:
00:00:00 Introduction to Python
00:01:38 Variables and Datatypes
00:09:58 User Input and Casting –
00:31:01 If-else with Boolean Values
00:48:32 if-else with examples
02:21:37 for-loop Explained with Example
03:56:47 Nested for-loop
04:20:23 while-loop Explained
04:45:09 Python Collections –
05:10:01 Functions in Python
05:38:20 Return Keyword in Python
05:57:21 Classes and Objects
06:24:01 Constructor and Self Keyword Explained
07:14:25 Types of Class Variable
07:31:33 Types of Class Methods
07:43:56 Inheritance and its type
08:02:02 Super Keyword in Python
08:14:28 Polymorphism in Python
08:54:03 Encapsulation and Access Modifiers
09:03:16 Exception Handling in Python
09:24:33 File Handling

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