Next.js Full Course for Beginners | Nextjs 13 Tutorial | 7 Hours

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This Next.js Full Course for Beginners is an all-in-one beginner tutorial and complete course full of over 7 hours of Nextjs 13 code and instruction to level up your web development skills. Think of this Next.js full course tutorial as a Nextjs 13 video textbook with 12 clearly defined chapters.

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During the tutorial I mention several resources to be provided “in the description below” including links to source code for the various chapters. I have put all of these resource links in one GitHub repository.

All Resources for this Next.js 13 Course:

Next.js Full Course for Beginners:

(0:00:00) Intro
(0:01:45) Chapter 1: Start Here
(0:17:34) Chapter 2: Pages & Layouts
(0:41:30) Chapter 3: Fetching Data
(1:22:26) Chapter 4: SSG, SSR, ISR
(1:43:37) Chapter 5: Small Project
(2:25:03) Chapter 6: Blog Website
(3:18:33) Chapter 7: Route Handlers
(3:38:20) Chapter 8: Build a REST API
(4:08:49) Chapter 9: Middleware
(4:46:12) Chapter 10: Revalidation
(5:13:37) Chapter 11: Mutations
(5:36:01) Chapter 12: Final Project

Visual Studio Code:

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