Introduction to Python (Hindi) | Complete Python Tutorial for Beginners in 4 Hours (Step by Step)

Python programming language is one of the latest trends in development. Wondering how to learn Python, we have covered several important aspects in this Python Tutorial for Beginners.

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What is Python for Beginners?
Python is a high-level programming computer language that provides instructions to teach the computer how to perform a task. It offers efficient high-level data structures and an object-oriented programming style that is simple yet effective.

A high-grade language is a computer programming language that is meant to represent the needs of a problem and mimics natural language or mathematical notation. Python is a free and open-source language.

Benefits of Python Programming Language:
1. Easy to Read, Learn and Write
2. Improved Productivity
3. Interpreted Language
4. Dynamically Typed
5. Free and Open-Source

Applications of Python:

GUI based desktop applications
Graphic design, image processing applications, Games, and Scientific/ computational Applications
Web frameworks and applications
Enterprise and Business applications
Operating Systems
Database Access
Language Development
Software Development

Highlights of Our Python Tutorial for Beginners (Learn Python Easily):
Introduction to Python
Using Python and Pycharm on Windows
Variables and Strings
Different types of Operators
Data types
String functions
Common Python projects

Along with these topics, our Python tutorial for beginners in Hindi covers the complete introduction to Python. You will learn what is Python and what is Python used for.

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Breakdown of Content in this Video :

1. Introduction to Python 00:00:00
2. How to Download & Install Python on Windows 00:12:33
3. How to Install Pycharm for Python on Windows 00:19:51
4. Create first hello world program in python using print function 00:27:56
5. Variable in Python 00:40:21
6. String Concatenation In Python 00:51:28
7. Arithmetic Operators in Python 00:55:58
8. Python Assignment Operators 01:05:14
9. Python Comparison Operators 01:10:25
10. Python Logical Operators 01:17:23
11. Python Membership Operators 01:24:23
12. Identity Operators in Python 01:30:28
13. Bitwise Operators in Python 01:33:40
14. Data Types in Python Part-1 01:46:44
15. Data Types in Python Part-2 02:01:16
16. User Input & Type Casting in Python 02:11:23
17. Python Conditional Statements 02:20:55
18. How To Build Simple Calculator in Python 02:38:30
19. For loop with range() in Python 02:49:28
20. While Loop in Python 03:07:37
21. String in Python 03:16:26
22. String iteration in python using for loop 02:29:03
23. Python String Functions { lower(),upper(),title(),capitalize()} 03:40:41
24. Python String Function { find(),index(), isalnum(),isalpha(),isdigit} 03:46:55

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