Ubuntu Basic Tutorial After Installation | 20.04 | in Hindi

yanha ubuntu ke liye wo tutorial diye gaye he jo ubuntu install karne ke bad jroori he matlab ki basic tips and trics, and ubuntu install kaise karna he iske liye video ka link neeche he

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Install Ubuntu 20.04

0:00 Introduction (What is Ubuntu)
1:13 Desktop interface
2:45 Select fast server for update
3:28 Install Driver
4:21 Activate minimize windows on mouse click
5:38 Install software manager
7:03 Install Flash
7:44 Install Java
8:42 Install Chromium-browser
9:05 Install VLC
10:00 Install other software
11:32 Install photo editor
11:56 Install Steam for games
12:08 Remove or add taskbar apps
12:50 Move start button
13:18 Taskbar in Windows look
13:46 Network setting
14:10 Bluetooth
14:16 Change background
14:28 Change theme
14:47 Notification control
15:14 Search setting
15:19 Apps control
15:35 Privacy setting
15:46 Add online account
15:58 Change computer name
16:31 Sound control
16:48 Power setting
17:16 Night mode
17:56 Control mouse & touchpad
18:05 Keyboard shortcut details
18:25 Add printer
19:05 Change computer or keyboard language
19:21 Additional setting
20:01 Change user name
20:39 Add new user
21:00 Select default application
21:17 Change date & time
21:42 (trick) Increase RAM uses
23:58 (trick) Boost HDD speed
24:39 (trick) Boost SSD speed

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

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