Airflow Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 2 Hours 2022

Airflow Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 2 Hours 2022

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========== VIDEO CONTENT ==========
In this 2-hour Airflow Tutorial for Beginners Full Course, we combine theory explanation and practical demos to help you get started quickly as an absolute beginner. You don’t need any prerequisite to start this course, but basic Python knowledge is recommended. To make the most out of it, it is highly encouraged to follow and try out the hands-on examples.

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========== T I M E S T A M P ⏰ ==========
Throughout the course, you will learn:
00:00 – Airflow Introduction
03:06 – Run Airflow in Python Env
10:44 – Run Airflow in Docker
17:55 – Airflow Basics and Core Concepts
21:55 – Airflow Task Lifecycle
26:19 – Airflow Basic Architecture
28:14 – Airflow DAG with Bash Operator
40:09 – Airflow DAG with Python Operator
45:04 – Data Sharing via Airflow XComs
52:53 – Airflow Task Flow API
57:56 – Airflow Catch-Up and Backfill
01:02:09 – Airflow Scheduler with Cron Expression
01:07:25 – Airflow Connection to Postgres
01:08:58 – Airflow Postgres Operator
01:19:30 – Airflow Docker Install Python Package 2 ways
01:29:34 – Airflow AWS S3 Sensor Operator
01:42:37 – Airflow Hooks S3 PostgreSQL
02:00:43 – Course Bonus

========== L I N K S ==========
Airflow Books
Airflow Documentation
Course GitHub Repo

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