Xiaomi Smart Speaker with Google Home?! Full Walkthrough review [Xiaomify]

Totally unexpected, Xiaomi sent me a new smart speaker for the global market. I was very surprised to see this one actually works with the Google Assistant instead of Xiaomi’s own Xiao-Ai engine. Is it any good? Let’s find out!

The smart speaker is not super large and has a 12W – 2.5″ speaker driver which does give it decent sound. It’s got control buttons on top of the device, but as its a smart speaker it has two built-in microphones to pick up voice commands. As it works with the Google Assistant engine all you have to say is “Hey Google” to wake it up and give it commands.

The commands are exactly the same as with any other Google Smart home Speaker and it can do all the things like give you the weather forecast, read out news, read out your calendar, answer questions, set alarms, play music from Spotify, and control your smart home devices.

I have added my Xiaomi account and my yeelight account to control my smart home products. It works very well, but only with a handful of products as not all the products from the China Mainland server are currently supported by Xiaomi on the Google services. It works well with all the products that are available on the global servers though.

Overall I really like this speaker. I love how I can pair two of them for stereo sound (that must be really amazing but unfortunately I only have one here). I like the build quality and the overall feel of the speaker. The only thing that still disappoints me is that Xiaomi does not have support all their China Mainland products (not a hige problem for everyone though) but I would have loved to see that.

I was also surprised to see it has Google Assistant as the AI engine, and not a new, English, version of Xiaomi’s Xiao-Ai engine, but who knows that is still something that we can see in the future someday….

If that day ever comes you can be sure I will be the first to do a video about that as well though 🙂

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNb2I7CQEoA

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