Five Github Copilot Tricks in Python

An easy primer and tutorial on a variety of fun things you can do with Copilot and Python in just a couple of simple steps.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Check Cryptocurrency Prices
01:50 Check the Weather
02:55 Design a House
03:40 Read PDFs
05:12 Email validation
06:34 Wrap-up

Tip! In Windows and Linux you can use Alt+[ and Alt+] to easily cycle between Copilot suggestions.

Press Ctrl + Enter to see a pane full of suggestions.

Code used in the video:
Note that the weather API was for demonstration only

GitHub Copilot:

The paper referenced in the video on Empirically grounded technology forecasts and the
energy transition showing how a rapid transition to renewable energy will save between $14 and $26 trillion

There’s much more you can do with copilot even now and we can expect these kinds of AI companions to only come more prevalent. Or what do you think?

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