Music Production in Linux with Ardour and Ubuntu Studio – First steps for Beginners

In this new video series I am testing Music Production Ardour. Ardour is a Digital Audio Workstation that runs on Linux. It is Open Source Software.
If you use Ubuntu Studio Ardour and the Soundserver Jack are preinstalled.
So it is easy to start.
Have fun! I will try to record and mix Audio and Midi in videos to come.

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0:00 Introduction to Audio Production in Linux
0:52 Starting with Ubuntu Studio
2:28 How to get the newest Version of Ardour
4:27 How to start the Jack Audio server
5:39 The Jack Graph
7:35 Let’s start Ardour
8:46 The Ardour Master Channel and the Grid
10:27 Creating the first Audio Track
13:19 Recording the first Audio Track
14:49 Playback the first recording
16:07 How to add Plugins
17:10 Thanks for Liking the Video
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