React 101 Crash Course: Learn React JS (6 HOURS!) + Build Your First React App | Zero To Mastery

React 101 Crash Course (v18). Learn React from scratch, build your first React App, and start your path to becoming a React Developer!

Once you start using React to build projects, you’ll see why it’s not only one of the most commonly used and in-demand frameworks by companies but also the most loved framework by developers!

The best part? By learning React and becoming a React developer, you will open up an endless sea of job opportunities for yourself

Once you finish this crash course, come take the rest of Andrei and Yihua’s React Bootcamp where you’ll go even deeper and be able to get hired as a React Developer

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⏲ Timestamps:

00:00 React Crash Course Intro
01:16 React Concepts
03:28 The Birth of React
12:57 Declarative vs Imperative
19:20 Component Architecture
24:49 One-way Data Flow
31:05 UI Library
36:03 How to be a Great Developer
40:27 Section Overview
46:46 Course Guideline + Code –
47:11 Environment Setup for Mac
55:24 Environment Setup for Windows
1:05:23 NPM vs Yarn
1:05:50 Create React App NPX
1:16:56 Create React App React Scripts
1:28:44 Create React App React Scripts 2
1:40:35 Create React App Everything Else
1:46:44 Don’t Eject
1:48:46 React 18 and Strict Mode
1:49:15 Monsters Rolodex Class Components
1:58:21 Monsters Rolodex Component State
2:06:05 Monsters Rolodex setState
2:15:38 Monsters Rolodex States
2:21:39 Monsters Rolodex setState and Secondary Callback
2:30:46 Monsters Rolodex Mapping Arrays to Elements
2:40:17 Optional map + key attribute
2:40:43 Monsters Rolodex Keys for mapping
2:45:58 Monsters Rolodex SPAS
2:53:22 Monsters Rolodex ComponentDidMount
3:03:42 Optional Promises
3:04:09 Monsters Rolodex Renders and Re Renders
3:09:57 Monsters Rolodex Input Search Box Component
3:21:21 Monsters Rolodex Searching and Filtering
3:29:18 Optional Filter, includes
3:29:47 Monsters Rolodex Storing Original Data
3:39:23 Monsters Rolodex Optimizations
3:46:58 Monsters Rolodex Understanding Components
3:54:59 Monsters Rolodex Cardlist Component
4:02:14 Monsters Rolodex Component Props
4:09:46 Rendering and Rerendering Part 2
4:16:57 Monsters Rolodex Searchbox component
4:25:50 Monsters Rolodex CSS in React
4:35:25 Monsters Rolodex Cardlist Component
4:42:31 Monsters Rolodex Finishing Touches
4:50:17 Functional vs Class Components
4:54:44 Class component Lifecycle Method Breakdown
5:00:10 Monsters Rolodex Functional Component Intro
5:06:05 Pure & Impure Functions
5:12:32 Monsters Rolodex Hooks useState
5:19:47 Monsters Rolodex Functional Component Rerendering
5:26:39 Monsters Rolodex Infinite Rerendering
5:34:17 Monsters Rolodex Hooks useEffect
5:45:37 Monsters Rolodex Remaining Components
5:51:32 Migratind from React 17 Reactdom V18 changes
5:57:15 React V18 Strict Mode Changes
6:02:02 Dom & Virtual DOM
6:12:17 React & Reactdom
6:23:29 React & Reactom Part 2
6:29:58 Reactdom V18 Changes
6:32:32 DOM Paint Flashing
6:38:46 Where to keep learning & how to get hired as a React Developer


Who is this course for?

◾ Students who are interested in going beyond typical “beginner” React tutorials
◾ Programmers who want to learn the most in-demand skill of a web developer
◾ Developers that want to be in the top 10% of React Developers
◾ Students who want to gain experience working on a large, scalable application
◾ Bootcamp or online tutorial graduates that want to go beyond the basics


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