TOP 23+ SAMSUNG GALAXY S23, S23 PLUS & S23 ULTRA Tips, Tricks – Hidden & Advanced Features

Have a Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, or S23 Ultra? Here are my top 23+ tips & tricks for unlocking & utilizing the hidden & “advanced” features in your Galaxy S23+ 🤳 Get your Samsung Galaxy S23 cases at CASETiFY now! Go to today to get 15% off your order! (ad)

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0:00 Intro: Get ready for EIGHTY Tips and Tricks
0:25 SUPERCHARGE Your Smartphone
1:18 Font Size & Screen Zoom
1:52 Resolution & Display Speed
2:39 Tips to Increase Your Battery Life
3:08 Extend Your Battery’s Lifespan
3:52 Charge other devices with your phone
4:31 Extra Dim & Extra Brightness
5:38 Customize Always on Display
6:37 New Homescreen Customization Options
8:06 Screen Saver
8:46 Customize Call Receive Screen
9:31 Two-Finger Gesture
9:41 Customize Notification Shade
10:09 Customize Brightness Slider
10:35 Customize Notification Settings
11:20 Notification History. Never miss a notification again!
11:56 Notification Reminders
12:37 Recreate the iPhone Dynamic Island
13:23 This video is sponsored by CASETiFY which helps support content like this for free!
14:34 Recreate iPhone Widget Stacks
15:11 Pinch to Zoom in your Messages!
15:25 Pinch to Zoom in picture-in-picture
15:49 Pinch to Zoom in YouTube
16:03 Fast App Switcher
16:22 Customize the Navigation Bar
16:51 How to Find the Google Assistant in Gesture Mode
17:08 Keep Apps stored in RAM
17:39 Get FREE RAM!
18:23 Split-Screen Multitasking
19:02 Smart Pop-up View
19:37 Dual Messenger Mode
20:09 How to Keep People From snooping on your phone
21:08 Easy manual rotation
21:50 One-Handed Mode
22:25 Screenshots with your palm
22:41 Lock your home screen layout
22:58 Easily Share your Wifi Info
23:24 Crazy things you can do with 10-cent NFC tags
24:13 Adaptive Themes
24:52 Media Output controls
25:18 Share your Bluetooth speakers with others. Great for parties!
26:15 Nearby share and Quick Share
27:01 Get rid of Bixby! Manually assign your side key
28:16 Back Tap actions
28:52 FREE Live TV
29:30 Live Closed captions on any video
29:55 Unlock the full resolution of your photos
30:24 A clever hack with the 200MP Camera
30:51 Create your own cutouts of items and people like the iPhone
31:30 Samsung’s own Magic Eraser
31:55 Use the Volume Key to Control your Camera
32:27 Take photos with your palm
32:54 Move to Video Mode when in Photo Mode (clutch!)
33:17 Auto-Reframing in Video
33:38 Image Grouping in the Gallery App
34:08 Astrophotography Mode
34:53 Insanely powerful Album features
35:42 Easy ways to VLOG with Director Mode
36:15 Pro Audio Control in Pro Video Mode
37:04 360 Audio
37:51 Custom LUTS & Filters
38:56 Hide Apps
39:26 Offline Find my Mobile
40:08 Lockdown Mode
40:54 SOS Messages
42:00 Document Scanner
42:16 Secure Folder
43:39 Tip if you use a screen protector
44:02 How to make Gifs
45:02 Gif maker with S-Pen
45:43 Control Camera with S-Pen
46:05 How to not lose your S-Pen
46:39 Unlock phone with S-Pen
47:12 Magnify with S-Pen
47:48 Glance with S-pen
48:42 Convert writing to text
49:23 Annotate Screenshots
49:45 A better screen recorder


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