Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS Install – Step by Step Guide – Beginners Tutorial in Hindi

Ubuntu Server 22.04 Linux Install Tutorial is a 2022 Tutorial on How to Install Ubuntu Server 22.04 Linux on a computer/server. Run through this Step by Step Tutorial to install Ubuntu 22.04 the Server Version on a system. Ubuntu Server 22.04 Linux Install Tutorial is intended for beginner users and shows all necessary steps to get your server running today.

With this Ubuntu Server Tutorial I’ll be showing a bonus on how to install a Web Server after installing Ubuntu Server. We’ll be using Apache 2 as our web server package and install and test it quickly on our local network. This is a great guide to get you up and going quickly on a local network so that you can host and test your own website, as well as, use a Linux Server.



Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqJ9JStvD9Y

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