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This video will introduce you to the Python Modules and help you understand the use of Python Modules. This Python tutorial will demonstrate different types of python modules. Further, you will get to know different ways to import Python Modules.

Below topics are covered in this video:

What are Python Modules
Why use Python Modules
Types of Python Modules
Different ways to import Python Modules

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Simplilearn’s comprehensive Python Training Course will teach you the basics of Python, data operations, conditional statements, shell scripting, and Django. This Python certification course will give you hands-on development experience and prepare you for an exciting career as a professional Python programmer. This Python Training course covers the fundamentals of Python and how to apply it to real-world applications. The modules, lesson-end projects, and assignments comprising the curriculum cover data operations in Python, strings, conditional statements, error handling, shell scripting, web scraping and the commonly used Python web framework Django.

Key Features:
38 hours of Blended Learning
30 hours of instructor-led training
8 hours of online self-paced learning
20+ assisted practices on all modules
Industry-recognized course completion certificate

Eligibility for this Python Certification Course:
Anyone interested in learning Python for software development or data science job roles will benefit from this Python certification. This Python course also is well-suited for:
1. Software developers
2. Software engineers
3. Technical leads
4. Architects
5. Programming enthusiasts

Pre-requisites for this Python Certification Course:
No prior programming knowledge or experience is necessary to take this online Python course.

Benefits of this Python Certification Course:
The StackOverflow’s developer survey of 2019 states that Python is the second most loved programming language in the world. Also, it is the most sought after programming language for Data Scientists, AI engineers, and Machine Learning engineers. Python developers earn around $115,000 per annum.

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