What is Laravel Telescope? A full guide to install and set up Laravel Telescope.

Taylor Otwell and Mohamed Said have developed a new application debugging assistant from Laravel. If you have used Clockwork or Laravel Debugbar, both of these are like the inspect tool, but Laravel Telescope is a standalone UI, and with more features.

Telescope has series of watchers that “watch” every request, whether from HTTP requests, command line or from a queue.

0:44 Installation of the telescope.
1:25 Overview of published asserts.
3:28 migrations and telescope tables overview.
5:05 Request tab in the telescope.
5:26 Command tab.
6:07 Queries Tab.
7:46 Register Post Request
9:19 Exceptions
10:20 Models
11:19 Exceptions (fail to sent email)
11:55 Mails Tab
13:19 Notification Tab
14:13 Schedule
15:19 Jobs
17:16, 18:00, 26:18 Logs
18:24, 25:40 Dumps
19:36 Events
22:30 Cache
24:04 Redis
27:09 Monitor Tags
28:38 telescope night theme
29:00 telescope Authorization

#LaravelTelescope Github repo:

#laravel #telescope

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e66S7r3LOW0

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