Remove Snaps and Install Firefox as a DEB in Lubuntu (and Ubuntu-based distros).

A hot debate in the Linux realm is around the ‘forced’ use of Snaps in Ubuntu. Snaps do have many benefits such as sandboxing and not requiring your system to have all the dependencies required to be already be installed. However, on older computers, Snap apps can run noticably slower than the equivalent DEB version of the same apps.

In this video I’ll show you how I remove and purge my Lubuntu system from Snaps and as a bonus, I’ll also show you how I replace the Snap version of Firefox with the DEB version.

NOTE: Although this video is done in Lubuntu, this process also works in most other Ubuntu-based distros. I’ve successfully used the same process in Xubuntu and also in Ubuntu Budgie.

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00:00 – Start
00:10 – Intro
01:29 – Remove and purge snaps from the system
05:45 – Prevent Snap packs from installing
09:01 – Install Firefox as a DEB package using APT
13:45 – Credits

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