React Node.js MySQL CRUD Tutorial for Beginners

MySQL CRUD Operations using Node.js and React. CRUD Real-world Project from scratch. Create, Read, Update and Delete data using a MySQL database.

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00:00 Introduction
00:46 MySql Installation
02:20 MySql Basics
06:13 Node.js MySql Installation
11:04 Node.js MySql Fetch Data (Read)
13:07 Node.js MySql Create a New Data
18:34 Creating a React App
21:29 React How to Fetch Data From MySql
27:31 React Add New Data to MySql Database
32:21 React App Design
36:04 Node.js MySql Delete Operation
37:38 React MySql Delete Item From Database
39:10 React Node.js MySql How to Update Data
46:07 Outro


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