React Portfolio Website Tutorial From Scratch – Build & Deploy React JS Portfolio Website (2022)

React Portfolio Website Tutorial From Scratch – Build & Deploy React JS Portfolio Website
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In this practical react js project tutorial, I’m going to teach you, step-by-step, how to create and deploy a fully responsive personal portfolio website from scratch! By the end of this video, you will know how to create a react app from scratch, how to use the react icons library in your react projects, how to use react useState hooks, how to build modern website designs with CSS3, how to use SwiperJS (to create carousels/slides) in your react projects, how to add multiple contact options on your website (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Direct form submission using EmailJS), and more!

No prior react knowledge is required for this tutorial, as I will be explaining every step along the way.
Now Let’s Build The Best React Personal Portfolio Website On YouTube!


00:00:00 Intro (Project Overview)
00:08:43 Buying Hosting & Claiming Free Domain on Hostinger
00:11:38 Installing Node & VSCode
00:12:21 Assets
00:12:56 Creating our React App using npx create-react-app
00:14:22 Managing and Creating files & folders
00:20:15 Creating all Components
00:27:40 CSS Variables & General CSS Styles
00:45:00 Header Component JSX
00:52:42 Installing React Icons and Using them in our project
00:56:18 Header Component CSS
01:04:20 Header Component Responsive Design
01:06:45 Floating Nav Component JSX
01:13:57 Floating Nav Component CSS
01:18:00 Managing Nav States using useState Hook
01:21:43 About Component JSX
01:28:29 About Component CSS
01:35:15 About Component Responsive Design
01:38:45 Experience Component JSX
01:44:17 Experience Component CSS
01:50:40 Experience Component Responsive Design
01:53:35 Services Component JSX
01:57:25 Services Component CSS
02:02:35 Services Component Responsive Design
02:04:15 Portfolio Component JSX
02:10:10 Portfolio Component CSS
02:14:45 Portfolio Component Responsive Design
02:16:02 Generating Portfolio Items from Array using map method
02:20:44 Testimonials Component JSX
02:24:03 Testimonials Component CSS
02:29:15 Testimonials Component Responsive Design
02:30:26 Generating Testimonials from Array using map method
02:33:40 Creating Carousel/Slides using SwiperJS
02:40:23 Contact Component JSX (Multiple contact options: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Email)
02:51:02 Contact Component CSS
02:57:02 Contact Component Responsive Design
02:58:34 Form Submission using EmailJS
03:07:43 Footer Component JSX
03:11:53 Footer Component CSS
03:16:30 Footer Component Responsive Design
03:18:50 Deploying Our React Website

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