Python Programming Practice: LeetCode #1 — Two Sum

In this episode of Python Programming Practice, we tackle LeetCode #1 — Two Sum.

Link to the problem here:

If you don’t know Python, you can learn the basics of Python for data analysis using this guide I created on Kaggle (DataDaft video series forthcoming):

Python Programming Practice is a series focused on teaching practical coding skills by solving exercises on popular coding websites. Note that the solutions seen here may not be the most efficient possible.

I am not going to provide the full code in the video description for this series, since copy and pasting solutions is not in the spirit of doing coding exercises. It is intended that the video will help you think about problems, approaches and how to structure solutions so that you are able to code up a working solution yourself.

⭐ Kite is a free AI-powered coding assistant that integrates with popular editors and IDEs to give you smart code completions and docs while you’re typing. It is a cool application of machine learning that can also help you code faster! Check it out here:


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