#3 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Getting Started with Python

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In this lecture we will learn:
– How operations are performed in Python language?
– Different types of Arithmetic operations
– What are strings?
– How strings are used in Python?
– Function in a Python
– Concatenation and Repetition of Strings
– New line character and Raw string
– We will the Python IDLE in this tutorial.
– The language that the computer understands is Binary Code i.e, 0 and 1.
– We use a programming language to write code, which is neither a binary language nor English.
– Programming language has its own protocols and grammar which we use.
– We will write code in a programming language say Python and then it will convert into a binary format that the computer will understand.
– We can perform several operations using Python language.
– Starting with operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.
– We do addition, subtraction and multiplication with integer values, and then it gives us answers also in integer data type.
– But when performing division with integer values then it gives us an answer in float data type.
– Float stands for Floating Point Representation.
– When we divide two integer values then it might be possible that the answer can in decimal.
e.g., 5/2 = 2.5
– As the interpreter wants to give you an exact answer for the division also, it will return it in float.
– If you want to get only the quotient part or the integer part of the answer and want to neglect the decimal value, it can be done with the help of (//).
– // (double slash) is used for division when you want to return only an integer value in the answer.
– // is also called Integer Division or Floor Division.
– We can multiple operations in a single statement as well.
– We need to follow the proper syntax for the programming language.
– If we apply an operation but do not give operands, then it will give an error.
8+9- = Error
– We can also apply BODMASS rules of mathematics to perform operations.
– Double asterisks (**) is used to find the power of a number.
number ** power = 2**3 = 2*2*2
– To get the remainder, we use the modulus operator (%).

– String is a combination of characters like “Youtube”, “Camera”, “Telusko”, “Python”, etc., all are strings.
– Whenever we use strings, we need to use double quotes(” “) or single quotes(‘ ‘) with it in python.
– If you back-slash() to tell the python to ignore the special meaning of that double and single quotes.
– If you use a back-slash before a single or double quotes then the quote is also treated as a simple character.

– Function is a set of tasks that can be done. We need to call functions. There are several functions in Python like the print() function.
– Round brackets are used with a function to pass a parameter in it.
– We can define our own functions as well.

– Concatenation is used to combine two things like we can convert two strings into one using concatenation.
– Concatenation is done using the (+) operator.
e.g., ‘navin’ + ‘navin’

– Repetition is used to print a single value multiple times like we can print a string like “Navin” multiple times.
– Repetition is done using the (*) operator.
e.g., ‘navin’ * 3

– (n) has a special meaning in Python. It is used to enter a new line.
– To print the original string or to neglect the meaning of n, we have to use a Raw String.
– Raw string is a string that returns it as it is without making any changes to it.
– We have to specify (r) before the quote to print the same string that is present inside the quotes.

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