Version 3 Gala Node Update Guide! (VPS AWS: Ubuntu/Linux + Links to Resources)

Gala Distrobutions end for V2 Gala Nodes Jan.18th and begin for V3 nodes. Upgrade your nodes for free NOW!

This is an AWS/Ubuntu/Linux Gala Node Update Tutorial! Go from V2 to V3, so you can KEEP EARNING!!! More on that here:

Additional Tutorials AND Resources:

Tutorial Print (Followed and Demonstrated Today):
Gala Games Discord:
Gala Node Dashboard:

Additional tutorial guides linked under the Download section: See More at Bottom for each OS Update. Top part is each OS’s original/fresh setup.

Additional Tutorials from Gala Games Discord:

Node V3 Installation Instructions:
– Gala Node Software on Windows Desktop:
– Gala Node Software on MacOS:
– Gala Node Software on Linux: (edited)




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