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A Python Programmer gets paid an average salary of 100,000$ and can apply for multiple roles such as Full Stack Developer, Game Developer or even as Machine Learning Engineer. But the problem is, there are very resources which cover Python in Hindi comprehensively. So, keeping that in mind, we have come up with this high-quality full course on ‘Python Tutorial for Beginners in Hindi’.

Topics Covered:
0:00 – Introduction
1:01 – Agenda
2:12 – Introduction to Python and Python IDEs
10:35 – Variables and DataTypes in Python
18:07 – Operators in Python
26:04 – Python Tokens
30:34 – Python Strings
45:42 – Python Tuples
55:27 – Python List
1:05:35 – Python Dictionary
1:13:24 – Set in Python
1:19:39 – Flow Control Statements in Python
1:43:45 – Python Functions
1:58:49 – Object-Oriented Programming in Python
2:50:46 – Numpy in Python
3:19:20 – Python Pandas
3:50:13 – Matplotlib in Python
4:25:02 – Seaborn in Python
5:25:33 – Python Case Study on IPL data

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