JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 12 Hours (2022)

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Made with lots of ️. Kickstart your Web Development career or take it to the next level with this course. This course is perfect for Beginners as well as Intermediate Developers.

00:00:00 – Set up Your Environment as a JavaScript Developer
00:07:01 – JavaScript 101
00:22:39 – Build Your First App with JavaScript (Beginner Weather App)
00:40:44 – Build a Basic Tip Calculator App (For Beginners)
01:11:22 – What are Arrays in JavaScript? (Understanding Arrays | Arrays 101)
01:25:10 – What are Objects in JavaScript? (Understanding Objects | Objects 101)
01:45:04 – Understanding For Loops in JavaScript (Getting Started with Loops)
02:04:21 – Practice Arrays and Objects with these Exercises (For Beginners)
03:01:02 – Array Methods (mapping, filtering, reducing | Understanding Array Methods)
03:42:02 – Understanding the DOM (DOM Manipulation for Beginners)
04:22:31 – Build the Advanced Tip Calculator Project (For Beginners & Intermediate)
05:06:06 – Build a Rock Paper Scissors App (Part 1)
05:40:31 – Building the Rock Paper Scissors App with JavaScript (Portfolio Project!)
06:12:18 – What are APIs in JavaScript? (Understanding APIs)
06:33:51 – Build the Superhero App (For Beginners & Intermediate)
07:39:58 – Understanding Async Programming (Promises, Async, Await, Fetch, Then)
08:26:28 – Building the Weather App with JavaScript (Portfolio Project for Entry Level Developers)
08:54:59 – What are Classes in JavaScript? (Object Oriented Programming | OOP)
10:14:56 – Advanced Web Development (Loops, Listeners, Audio | For Beginners & Intermediate)
10:32:03 – Building the Fighting Game with JavaScript (Portfolio Project!)
11:49:52 – Building the Netflix Clone with JavaScript (Portfolio Project!)


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