Python Tutorial In Hindi

In this Python tutorial, I have explained Python in one video in Hindi with TimeStamps.
► Source Code:
00:00 – Introduction
00:17 – Python IDE Download
00:58 – VS Code Download
01:35 – Python IDE Installation
02:09 – VS Code Installation
02:22 – Python’s Use in Modern era
02:55 – VS Code Overview
04:37 – Checking Python in path
06:06 – Coding our first python program
12:10 – Python in windows power shell
15:20 – Indentation in Python
18:03 – Comments in Python
21:35 – Modules and import statement in python
27:52 – Variables in Python
39:32 – Type-casting
44:17 – Strings
58:24 – Operators
59:50 – Lists
01:09:43 – Tuples
01:13:05 – Sets
01:17:15 – Dictionary
01:21:30 – Conditional Statements
01:27:01 – Loops (Iterative Statements)
01:33:42 – Functions
01:38:37 – OOPs (Object Oriented Programming)
01:42:40 – Conclusion & Where to go from here

This complete python tutorial will explain all the concepts of python in a single video. After watching this python tutorial in one video you will be able to write python programs without any difficulty. Python is a very powerful object oriented programming language. It is used for multiple purposes such as scripting, web development, machine learning, sentiment analysis etc. My aim in this python lecture is to provide you with a brief to the point explanation so that you can learn complete python fast.
After completing this one video python crash course, you will be able to write python programs smoothly as per the requirements!

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