Build and Deploy a Modern Full Stack Social Media App | FULL COURSE

With all advanced Social Media features, such as Google Authentication, create, edit, delete and save posts, like and comment on other people’s posts, search and filter images and much more, ShareMe is the best Image Sharing Social Media App that you can currently find on YouTube and on the entire internet.

You’ll also learn how to work with Sanity. is the platform for structured content. It allows you to manage text, images, and all other data using APIs.

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This video may contain code snippets or concepts specific to a previous version of Sanity Studio. In most cases, you can find the information needed to adapt the material to the latest Studio version by exploring Sanity docs:

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Styles & Other Code:
Google Console –

In this video, you’ll learn advanced #ReactJS Best Practices, Google Authentication, #Tailwind CSS, and most importantly, you’ll learn how to manage the content of your entire app using Sanity.

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
00:04:43 Project Setup
00:24:28 Frontend Setup
00:39:58 Auth – Login/Register
01:08:26 Home, Sidebar & Navbar
01:59:16 Feed View
02:24:30 Pin Component
02:58:34 Create Pin
03:30:18 Pin Details
04:02:13 User Profile
04:20:17 Search & Categories
04:30:52 Deployment


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