GraphQL Crash Course With NodeJS & MongoDB Learn Complete GraphQL in Hindi

In this graphql crash course you will learn how to create a graphql server make query , mutation and input types using GraphQLQuery syntax.I show you how to create a GraphQL CRUD (create, read, update, delete) API using Apollo Server , NodeJS & MongoDB Atlas, it’s also a great way to start building your own NodeJS and MongoDB projects. So watch the video and learn how to create a GraphQL CRUD API . In the video we create an API where you can create recipes, edit recipes, delete recipes, visit url that you can start building your own GraphQL APIs. This video is a great way to start your GraphQL journey!

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How to create a mongoDB URL

00:00:00 – Video key summary
00:01:30 – What is graphql
00:01:58 – Graphql vs REST API
00:02:49 – How to build a graphql server with Nodejs
00:16:48 – GraphQL server connect with mongodb database
00:24:17 – GraphQL – Type System
00.59:25 – Get all recipes
01:04:27 – Get single recipe
01:11:26 – Delete recipe
01:19:43 – Update Recipe
01:29:40 – Visit URL Recipe


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