Step by step complete PHP Tutorial for Beginners in Hindi with MySQL CRUD

Hello, friends in this video I will explain to you about complete PHP step by step. The course is designed for new programmers.

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⭐️Course Contents ⭐️

1. (0:00) About this Video
2. (2:27) Website Development Process
3. (6:10) What is PHP
4. (7:39) Why PHP
5. (9:30) Installation
6. (12:15) How to run PHP
7. (13:15) PHP Syntax
8. (18:59) Comments in PHP
9. (19:25) Variables
10. (22:38) Data Types
11. (24:30) String
12. (30:07) Operators
13. (36:00) Control Structures
14. (43:51) Loops
15. (49:24) Constants
16. (51:04) Array
17. (1:08:40) Function
18. (1:20:18) Forms
19. (1:37:07) Session
20. (1:43:37) Cookie
21. (1:50:47) OOPs
22. (1:57:45) MySql
23. (2:05:23) PHP with MySql
24. (2:11:18) CRUD Operations

Source Code:-

Learn PHP Array:-

Complete tutorial for PHP Form Handling:-


Learn PHP Cookie:-

Learn OOPs:-

PHP MYSQL, MYSQLi and PDO Connectivity

Learn about CRUD:-



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