We Turned This Old Phone into a Gaming Beast !!!

Let me introduce our DIY gaming phone project, The Mi 90 Pro !!!
We took an old Xiaomi Mi 9, did some crazy tweaks, and turns it into a gaming monster! It even outperformed the latest Xiaomi 12 Pro with Snapdragon 8!

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Useful Links:
CPU governor – SmartPack:

GPU overclock – KonaBess:

Screen overclock – Marisa Kernel:

Thermal Control – Fxxk MIUI Thermal:
(in Chinese, looking for “下载APK” for apk download )

Controller Mapping – Mantis Gamepad Pro:

Mantis Pro Gaming

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:36 Overview
0:59 Phone Selection
2:21 Battery Upgrade
3:24 Overclock – CPU and GPU
5:11 Overclock – Screen
5:51 Custom Thermal
7:43 Disable Thermal Threshold
8:12 Case Design
9:37 Case Printing
10:36 Total Cost
10:59 Benchmark: 3DMark Wild Life Extreme
11:32 Gaming – Genshin Impact
12:51 Controller Mapping
13:32 Gaming – Alien: Isolation
15:11 Gaming – PS2 Emulation
16:22 Outro

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px1A6XptqhQ

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