Build A Blog App with Next.js 13.5+ | Strapi v4 Headless CMS and Tailwindcss

In this video, you will learn how to create a small blog application using next.js 13.5 application with strapi v4 cms. I will show to you how to create multiple collections in strapi and add relationships between these collections. Learn how to integrate blogs and categories apis of strapi in next.js 13.5

00:05 Overview of Strapi v4
02:45 Learn More (Resource)
04:00 Create next js 13.5+ project
06:30 Design Layout with Tailwindcss
08:35 Create and design categories components
13:20 Create and design blogs components
19:30 Create and design blog detail page
26:25 Create Strapi Project and Overview
29:10 Create Blogs and Categories collections
32:50 Add Data in Strapi Dashboard for Blogs and Categories
36:35 Create Strapi Api Token
37:40 How to make strapi apis public
40:00 use strapi access token in next js 13
41:35 Integrate strapi api for categories in next js 13
48:10 Integrate strapi api for blogs in next js 13
57:10 Integrate strapi api for single blog post
01:05:10 Show blogs for selected category with Context api
01:18:40 Fix few console warnings
01:19:55 Outro

#nextjs13 #strapi #cms #blog

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