Learn Python in 7 hours| For Absolute Beginners | Using Jupyter Notebook

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Key features:
# Learn Python from scratch – from installation to writing your first code to understand the basics and finally to reach advance level.
# No prior coding experience required.
# Command yourself in Jupyter Notebook.
# Prepare yourself for Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python Development.

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0:00 Introduction
3:18 Installation – Python, Anaconda
26:51 Jupyter Notebook
51:57 First Program
1:00:22 Arithmetic Operations
1:10:26 Variables
1:22:39 Data Types
1:42:21 User Input and Formatting Print statements
2:09:20 Assignment Operators
2:17:04 Relational Operators
2:36:15 If and Else Statements
2:51:45 List
3:24:26 String
3:58:58 For Loop
4:12:43 While Loop
4:18:27 Break and Continue
4:29:16 Functions
4:40:40 Recursive Functions
4:53:53 Set
5:14:33 Tuple
5:34:30 Dictionary
5:54:13 Nested Dictionary
6:06:39 Lambda, Map Function
6:29:31 Exception Handling
7:00:18 Numpy

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKSd61Smjhg

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