Python Programming Full Tutorial in One Video (2024) | Python full course

Welcome to our comprehensive Python tutorial, all packed into one video! Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn Python from scratch or an experienced programmer seeking a quick refresher, this video is perfect for you.

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By the end of this video, you’ll have a solid foundation in Python programming. Feel free to use the timestamps below to navigate through the different sections.

In this Python tutorial, we’ll cover:
2:02 History of Python
18:52 What we can do after Python
24:10 How to download Python idle
25:47 Jobs in Python in Foreign
27:49 How to use Python idle
30:02 How to create a file in Python (First Program in Python)
34:35 Data Types in Python
56:47 Keywords in Python
1:06:12 math library in Python
1:10:55 turtle library how to use introduction
1:12:31 input function
1:13:55 Addition of 2 numbers
1:30:23 Area of Circle in Python
1:34:50 Number System in the world
1:37:45 Binary to Decimal Conversion
1:46:20 Membership and Identity Operator
1:55:02 Conditional Statements | if else elif else statement
1:56:03 Positive Negative Program in Python
2:16:13 Maximum of 2 numbers in Python
2:28:50 Iterative statements | for loop
2:46:16 While loop in Python
2:57:16 Maximum of 3 numbers
3:26:36 Swapping of 2 numbers in Python
3:35:30 even odd program in Python
3:42:02 List in Python
3:52:53 List Predefined Function in Python
4:06:00 Slicing Operator in Python
4:17:20 Tuple in Python
4:22:10 Set in Python’
4:31:40 Set Predefined Functions in Python
4:45:17 Array | Numeric Array vs Associative Array | Introduction to Dictionary in Python
4:48:00 Dict in Python
4:51:36 ATM Pin Program Example in Dictionary
5:09:42 Function in Python
5:24:14 Addition 2 numbers Program using functions in Python
5:29:00 Return keyword in Function in Python
5:45:00 Positional Arguments | Keyword Arguments in Python
6:01:05 Star Pattern Logic Explained with Programs in Python
6:48:50 Prime Number Full Program in Python
7:13:00 Range of Prime numbers | Interview Question
7:27:15 Eval function in Python
8:04:02 Exception Handling in Python
8:48:05 File Handling in Python
9:01:07 Predefined functions of File Handling
9:06:00 File Handling Program how to write content in a file
9:21:20 File Handling read from a File Program in Python
9:30:39 Recursion in Python | Program Factorial | Sum of first n numbers
9:48:14 Lambda Keyword in Python
9:53:06 Recursion using Lambda Expression in Python
9:56:13 Iterators and Generators in Python(Explained Iterator only)
10:05:50 Snake Full Game Development in Python | Line by Line Program Explained

Thanks to All of you | Love You All
From Prof. Vikas Singh

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