Laravel’s Nova: Getting Started / Tips & Tricks

Laravel is an amazing PHP framework that I’ve spent a lot of time with through the years. They also have a product called Nova, that’s an administrative panel to allow you to get your project up and running quickly.

Join me in this coding tutorial as we delve into installing and configuring Laravel’s Nova admin panel. Then, we’ll review all the tip and tricks that I’ve discovered to make your project really shine.


Laravel’s Nova;

~ Derek Codes

#php #laravel #webdevelopment

00:00 Laravel’s Nova: Getting Started / Tips & Tricks
01:54 Installing Laravel
03:39 Installing Nova
05:26 Changing the Login Path to Nova
06:58 Changing the Logo
08:54 Creating a user in Nova
10:09 Changing the Logo Size in Laravel’s Nova
14:12 Registering Nova
16:56 Removing the Notification Drawer in Nova
18:21 Changing the Footer in Laravel’s Nova
20:19 Thank You For Watching!


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