Firebase Python FULL COURSE: Authentication, Storage, Realtime Database CRUD tutorials [pyrebase]

Python Firebase: the Full Course. Python Firebase tutorials for complete beginners. Use the Pyrebase library to work with Firebase Authentication, Firebase Storage, and Firebase Realtime Database. With Realtime Database, Learn how to perform CRUD operations: Create, Read, Update, Delete.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:00 – Installing Pyrebase + Connecting to Firebase
00:07:28 – Authentication
00:18:28 – Firebase Storage
00:30:08 – Firebase Realtime Database: Introduction, Structure, Data Types
00:34:40 – Realtime Database CRUD: Create
00:41:28 – Realtime Database CRUD: Update
00:48:43 – Realtime Database CRUD: Delete
00:52:30 – Realtime Database CRUD: Read

In this video, you will have the full course for Python Firebase and learn the following:
-Use Firebase Authentication to manage users
-Firebase Auth to create account and login with email and password
-Firebase Storage to store and manage files
-Upload, download, and read files from Firebase Storage
-Firebase Realtime Database: how it works, structures, data types, and more
-Firebase Realtime Database CRUD

****More Firebase info****
Firebase is a NoSQL database. For more info:
NoSQL Databases Explained (2020):

Firebase Realtime database vs. Cloud Firestore:

Firebase Realtime DB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, based on JSON document format. For more info:
Learn JSON in 12 minutes:

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