Build a Fullstack Task Manager Application: Next.js, React, Prisma, MongoDB – Full Tutorial

In this video we will be building an awesome Fullstack Task Manager App using some of the coolest tech out there: Next.js, React, Prisma, and MongoDB.

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Source Code:

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Portfolio Website Tutorial HTML, CSS, JavaScript:

React and Next JS Project Full Application:

Full Stack Development with React and Node js – Expense Tracker Application.

00:00 – Introduction
00:03:12 – The Code Dealer Website
00:05:58 – Initial Setup and Sidebar
01:32:35 – Prisma Setup and Task Creation
02:11:05 – Getting and Displaying Tasks
03:04:05 – Top Loading Bar, Task Delete and Task Create
03:26:31 – User Profile and Important, Completed, Do It Now Pages
03:52:04 – Task Creation Modal and Task Update
04:40:48 – Mobile Screens and Some Other Features

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Download the extenstions below for VS Code, they might come in handy for future videos that are coming soon.
VS CODE EXTENSTIONS: 1) Atom One Dark Theme
2) Indent Rainbow
3) JS JSX Snippets
4) Live Sass Compiler
5) Mithril Emmet
6) Styled-Components-Snippets
7) VsCode Icons
8) Live Server
9) JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets
10) ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native Snippets
11) SASS
12) Vs-Code-Styled-Componets
13) HTML CSS Support
14) Javascript and Typescript Nightly
15) IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML
16) Python
17) Console Ninja


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