15 Python Crash Course | (Callable, Abstract, Encapsulation, Duc typing)

Dive into the world of Python OOP with our Mastery Series!

Join us as we explore the foundational concepts of object-oriented programming in Python. This tutorial covers everything from access modifiers and encapsulation to abstract classes and Python’s special methods (`__str__`, `__repr__`, and `__call__`). Perfect for beginners or as a refresher for seasoned programmers!

– Access Modifiers: Discover how Python uses naming conventions to indicate private and protected attributes.
– Encapsulation in Action: See how property decorators can protect and manage data access.
– Abstract Classes: Learn about the importance and implementation of abstract base classes (ABCs) in Python.
– Special Methods Explained: Add rich functionality to your classes with `__str__`, `__repr__`, and `__call__`.
Duck Typing: Grasp the “If it quacks like a duck…” philosophy in Python to write more flexible and integrative code.

Ready to get hands-on? Install the package we’ve discussed with pip:

pip install PythonPackageExample

Delve deeper into the concepts with our full guide and code walkthrough, available here:

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