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Welcome to our comprehensive Python Full Course 2023! In this Python Full Course 2023, you’ll learn installation, variables, object references, types, and conversions. We’ll cover numbers, strings, operators, lists, tuples, and dictionaries, followed by if statements, while loops, for loops, and looping techniques. Explore functions, lambda functions, classes, objects, inheritance, scopes, and sorting algorithms. We’ll create projects like tracking phone numbers and building an OTP verification system. Additionally, we’ve included essential Python interview questions and answers. Whether you’re a beginner or want to enhance your Python skills, this course is for you! Let’s dive into the world of Python programming together!

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About AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp (US Only)

This AI and Machine Learning Bootcamp in collaboration with Caltech, will help you advance your career as an AI and ML specialist. The AI and ML Bootcamp includes live classes delivered by industry experts, hands-on labs, Industry-relevant projects, and masterclasses by Caltech professors.

Skills Covered

– Statistics
– Python
– Supervised Learning
– Unsupervised Learning
– Recommendation Systems
– Neural Networks
– GANs
– Deep Learning
– Reinforcement Learning
– Speech Recognition
– Ensemble Learning
– Computer Vision

Tools Covered
– Python
– Tensorflow
– Keras
– MatPlotlib
– Scikit Learn
– Django
– Flask
– Open CV

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