Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

Explore how to interview Laravel developer:

How not to hire a scounder on your Laravel position?

Knowing what questions to ask an applicant during an interview is almost like a silver bullet. The right questions pry into the understanding of each applicant and help you make better decisions about who fits the job and who does not.

Laravel is a framework for PHP and so during questioning, developer applicants must demonstrate a good understanding of PHP is important to ensuring productivity and attaining expertise in it. You can only uncover this through the right PHP Laravel developer interview questions.

You can always identify a dedicated developer through Laravel job interview questions about how updated their knowledge of the framework is. No matter the level of the developer’s expertise, during the interview stage ask them questions concerning the latest developments in the Laravel world.

Beyond certifications and interviews, what really proves that a developer (or any programmer at all) is as good as they claim is their portfolio of past projects.

PHP Laravel Framework Interview Questions for Beginner Developers.

What is PHP artisan?
PHP Artisan (or simply, Artisan) is Laravel’s Command Line Interface. The list command displays all the available Artisan commands. Besides the built-in default commands, users can likewise generate custom commands themselves.

PHP Laravel Framework Interview Questions for Intermediate Developers.

What are the cons of Laravel?
Difficult to Master: It requires a lot of experimentation to even grasp some of the underlying concepts. The solution to this is simply for the developer to keep practicing.
Application Migration: there is no doubt that Laravel has dethroned its predecessors such as Zend, CodeIgniter, and Symfony to become the foremost PHP framework. However, its undoing is that it does not allow for the smooth migration of applications based on these legacy frameworks to Laravel.

What are events and listeners?

On a basic level, events alert you to actions that take place in your application while listeners ‘listen’ to instances of events that occur. Both terms go hand-in-hand because a listener must be connected to a particular event in order to receive instances of that event.

How does middleware work in Laravel?

A user creates new middleware using the make:middleware Artisan command. Following this, you assign the middleware to a route and customize it based on your needs as well as the unique demands of the said application.

PHP Laravel Framework Interview Questions for Expert Developers.
How does testing work in Laravel applications?
PHPUnit is one of the commonest testing frameworks for PHP and it is supported by default in Laravel. There has been a greater focus on testing since version 5.2. To create a new test case, a user utilizes the Artisan command, make:test. Once the test begins running, the environment is automatically configured.
What does Eloquent ORM do in Laravel and what types of relationships are supported?
Eloquent is the name of the default object-relational mapper (ORM) used in Laravel. It provides a more convenient means to interact with a database. Hence, a developer does not need to write a length query. Eloquent ORM works with an ActiveRecord implementation so that developers can manage multiple databases.
What is the database query builder?
Laravel’s database query builder is used to smoothly run database queries. Although, it can also be used to perform other database operations, including CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functions. Since SQL Injection attacks are a common threat, it uses the PDO parameter binding to protect your application. How to Prepare for Laravel Job Interview Questions as a Laravel Developer
Irrespective of the level of your experience as a developer in Laravel and PHP, prepare for interrogation by ensuring that you are well-grounded in the following:
Of course, experience working with Laravel, from at least version 5 upward. Prioritize updating your knowledge on the latest features. The latest version is 8.x.
Experience working with PHP from at least version 7 upward.
Knowledge of databases and SQL platforms.
Superb communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.
Hiring the right PHP Laravel framework developer to build your application is not a jackpot lottery; it requires careful preparation and knowing the right interview questions to ask as the recruiter/employer.
You need to ask the right Laravel interview questions that directly poke at an applicant’s expertise and reveal if they are as good as they claim. These tips have helped us at ProCoders to hire excellent developers and build formidable teams to deliver excellent service to our clients.


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