ChatGPT Plugins: Build Your Own in Python!

OpenAI’s ChatGPT now has plugins! Creatively named “ChatGPT Plugins”, this new feature means plugins can be built by anyone, and in this video, we will see how to build one using the chatgpt-retrieval-plugin template from OpenAI.

openai/chatgpt-retrieval-plugin Repo:

OpenAI platform:

Pinecone console:

Find the code here:

▶️ Langchain data prep video:

openapi.yaml I used:

NLP + LLM Consulting:

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00:00 ChatGPT Plugins
00:53 Plugins or LLM agents?
02:46 First look at ChatGPT plugins
05:02 Using the chatgpt-retrieval-plugin
06:45 How the plugin works
12:06 Deploying the plugin with digital ocean
15:15 ChatGPT retrieval plugin environment variables
18:42 Adding langchain docs to chatgpt plugin
26:02 Querying the chatgpt retrieval plugin
27:46 Adding the plugin to ChatGPT
28:52 Setup for ChatGPT plugin manifest file
32:47 Install unverified plugins on ChatGPT
33:41 Handling OpenAPI spec error
37:04 Asking ChatGPT plugin questions
39:45 Final thoughts on ChatGPT plugins

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