DIWALI DOUBLE DHAMAKA : Nightmare | Angry Prash

This funny video is about Diwali festival In India and Nightmare special episode.

Nightmare► https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpcK_Nx5xj9oUMqUgbrT-u5uOJmPPNlRq&si=P9bgFY-JS3IBtNRZ

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Team Angry►
Written & Created by- Angry Prash
Animation- Pravish Shetty,, SamberToons
Illustration Animation- Prayag Purabia
Voice- Angry Prash
Edit- Angry Prash

Disclaimer► The following is a satrical video, meant only for educational and entertainment purpose. Any resemblance or reference in its contents to events already occurred is purely coincidental. The comedian may not be taken to express any judgement thereon.

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About Angry Prash is a Indian YouTuber, where you will find different types of cartoon comedy videos in hindi 🙂

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIPOjNcYKvY

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