Php Tutorial in Hindi #1 Introduction | Why should you learn PHP

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Hi, Everyone in this video we are starting a new tutorial series in php and get to know why we should learn php. This video was made by Anil Sidhu in Hindi.

Why PHP?
Lots of Jobs in PHP.
33 million websites are using PHP.
PHP is used by 76.9% of all websites.
Freelancing Opportunities.
Now MNCs are using PHP.
Why This Course?
Complete PHP course.
All topics with Interview Questions.
Topics covered with Example.
Code Available on GitHub.
Ask Questions in comments or Insta.
How we will learn php here?
Introduction and working style of php.
Setup and Basic PHP.
OOPS concept and Advance PHP.
PHP with HTML, CSS, and JS.
PHP with MySql.
What is PHP
Programming language that is used to build web applications and websites.
PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP is a server-side scripting language.

PHP is faster than other scripting languages, such as ASP and JSP.

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inst id: @code.steps


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