Tools: How To Install Node.js via nvm on Debian/Ubuntu/Kali Linux

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In our journey to master Node.js development on Debian/Ubuntu Linux systems, our first step is learning how to harness the power of Node Version Manager (NVM). NVM is a game-changer for Node.js software engineers, offering unmatched flexibility and control over your Node.js environment.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the installation of NVM and show you how to effortlessly manage multiple Node.js versions within your local user profile.

Node Version Manager (NVM): []

Why Choose Node Version Manager (NVM)?

Unparalleled Flexibility: NVM empowers you to install, manage, and switch between different Node.js versions on the same system. This level of customization is invaluable in scenarios where compatibility with specific Node.js versions is crucial for your projects or applications.
Stay Cutting-Edge: NVM ensures you’re always at the forefront of Node.js innovation. You can easily install the latest Node.js releases, including pre-release versions, to access cutting-edge features and improvements.
No Superuser Privileges Needed: With NVM, Node.js is installed in your user’s home directory, eliminating the need for superuser privileges and avoiding potential conflicts with system packages.

Make NVM your Node.js tool of choice and enjoy a seamless experience in managing Node.js versions tailored to your project requirements.

Helpful Links:

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Useful Commands:

Print the NVM help file: nvm –help
List all available Node.js versions: nvm ls-remote
Install a specific version of Node.js: nvm install [version]
Install the latest long-term support Node.js version: nvm install –lts
Check your current Node.js version: node –version
Change your default Node.js version: nvm alias default [version]
Switch to an installed Node.js version: nvm use [version]
Switch to your default Node.js version: nvm use default

Let’s embark on this Node.js adventure together!

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