React Website Responsive Tutorial – Beginner React JS Project Using Hooks and Router

Learn how to build a responsive React website using React Hooks and React Router in this beginner tutorial. We are going to build the front end UI using React JS. The main sections of the site are made with reusable components that you can customize and add wherever you want.

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0:00 What we are building
4:50 Create React App in terminal
9:30 Creating the pages folder
14:10 Installing React Router
15:00 Adding React Icons
28:53 Creating the Button Component
48:10 Access the source code
58:48 Creating the Hero section
1:10:15 Creating the Homepage
1:26:06 Adding the Footer Component
1:30:27 Creating the Pricing Component
1:52:24 Updating the Routes pages
1:59:22 Adding an external link in Footer

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Here is the source code

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