The Future of React & Next.js – The Web’s SDK (Keynote, Next.js Conf October 2021)

Next.js Conf kicks off with Vercel CEO Guillermo Rauch (@rauchg) revealing the latest announcements, features, and improvements.

Releases & updates:
– Next.js 12. Learn more at
– Middleware for Next.js. Documentation at
– Edge Functions (beta). Try free at
– Vercel Checks. Learn more at
– Next.js Live (beta update). Try at

– Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel & Co-creator of Next.js
– Lee Robinson, Head of DevRel at Vercel
– Becca Zandstein, Director of Product
– Bel Curcio, Director of Solutions Engineering at Vercel
– Suzanne Aldrich, Director of Sales Engineering at Vercel


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