ODROID-X Flashing Guide (Include Ubuntu Install)

Hello there,

On this video I’ll show how to properly resize the FAT
partition of your SDCARD for Android!

Hope it helps people 🙂

Download all the needed stuff at:

You’ll need.

VmWare Player

Ubuntu 32 Bits ISO

All of them at the link above.

1. Install VMWare Player

2. Create a VM as on this video

3. Boot the Live CD

With the SDCARD connected to your PC do this:

This Alcor stuff is my SDCard reader! I’ll need to use it!
Pick the one that matchs your SDCard reader!

After a while you’ll get this.

Type your password that you setted before.

Welcome to your Virtual Ubuntu 😉

Lets download the Android 3.5 Image 😉

Will Pause again until its done 😉

Lets connected the SDCard and wipe it 😉

See that alcor thing? Its my SDCard reader! 🙂

This will fill our sdcard with 0’s 😉 plenty of Zeros.

Back now with the SDCard wiped and image download 😉

Now we are extracting the .zip that is the ODROID
Android Image 😉

Don’t remove the Sdcard 🙂

Now lets flash the sdcard.

Flashing the sdcard 😉

Back with the sdcard flashed! Now. If you are ok on the size
of the fat partition skip to the next part otherwise
keep following this guide.

See that 5.22Gb? That’s our fat partition and a missing space
below it .. Lets fix it 😉

Done, your SDCard should ok for Android now 😉

thank you.

Hope it helps.

PS: Keep your Virtual Ubuntu for furter flashings!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM9juCWipA0

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