How To Install an FTP Server in Ubuntu with VSFTPD

This video is all about how to install an ftp server in ubuntu with vsftpd. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the installation process, enabling you to easily transfer files between your Ubuntu machine and other devices on your network.

Steps Covered:-
Update package lists and install VSFTPD.
Configure VSFTPD settings for basic setup and user access.
Test the FTP server to ensure it’s working correctly.
Enable firewall settings to allow FTP traffic.
So watch this video till the end to know about how to install ftp Server in Ubuntu with vsftpd.
sudo apt update
sudo apt install vsftpd
sudo systemctl start vsftpd
sudo systemctl enable vsftpd
sudo systemctl status vsftpd
sudo ufw allow 20/tcp
sudo ufw allow 21/tcp
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