iphone 7 plus unboxing in 2023

unbox with me: iphone 7 plus

00:00 intro
00:40 unboxing
01:11 accessories
03:30 first look & cleaning
03:55 setting up
05:51 cases
06:32 screen protector
07:11 games and apps
09:29 camera test vs iPhone 13 Pro Max
09:43 outro

products mentioned:
iPhone 7 Plus (Gold, 128GB): https://bit.ly/46ATPrK
iPhone case (Cat): https://bit.ly/3LU5L06
iPhone case (Sailor Moon): https://bit.ly/3rHD5Aw

Pinterest Wallpaper Board: https://bit.ly/46oPrwC

background music:

Daystar – Plum-flavored candy / https://youtu.be/bwNtgE0ADZw

Music provided by BGM President
Track : Star Candy – https://youtu.be/Smong_RlY90

instagram: @ctintine

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCqne1o3zuQ

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